Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing the correct route for your business?

You may have heard of Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO for short, but what exactly does this mean, and is it right for your business?  

So, what is RPO? Well in a nutshell it is the long-term transfer of ownership of all or part of an employer’s recruitment process to a third-party specialist. This business model allows your business to scale resources as they fluctuate so you can meet hiring demands without increasing your budget and then having to pay for in-house recruiters or recruitment agencies.

A really good RPO specialist like Pioneering People, will act as an in-house recruiter for your business, and will provide efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process on an ongoing basis. We will help relieve you and your HR team of most of the administrative burden involved in recruiting and deliver a fast, seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates.

A comprehensive RPO partnership offers daily administration and big-picture, strategic guidance across the entire recruitment process from talent consulting to onboarding support. These services are typically underpinned by a flexible applicant tracking system (ATS). All sourced and recruited candidates are exclusive to the client and are not shared with any other clients.

The main benefits of using a business such as Pioneering People as your RPO partner are as follows.

      • Reduced recruitment costs.
      • State-of-the-art technology.
      • Faster time to fill.
      • Diversified talent pools.
      • Advanced analytics.
      • An in depth understanding of talent market trends.
      • The ability to scale as your business grows.
      • Customise each campaign to your individual needs.
      • Align each campaign to your culture and recruitment need.

    To touch on a few of these points in more detail,

    In a candidate-driven market, it cannot be stressed enough that acting quickly to reach out to good candidates is an absolute must, if you don’t have the resources available to act on this hugely important part of the recruitment process, then using an RPO provider will help you to achieve a fast turnaround on your recruitment communications

    Outsourcing some or all of you hiring to a business that works in an agile way, one that can change how they recruit on your behalf at a moment’s notice, can help you to stand out from the crowd, or, as the case maybe, hide from it too.

    So whether you need to raise employer brand awareness to reach passive candidates or source talent to meet urgent demand, we can help relieve pressure from your HR teams.

    The above information is by no means an exhaustive in-depth analysis of what RPO is or can do on your behalf, but if this is of interest to you or your organisation, please get in touch and let’s discuss this in more detail.

    Pioneering People