How facebook has become a powerful online recruitment tool

Using facebook as an online recruitment toolWe all know how useful facebook can be for keeping in touch with friends, past and present. But the popular social network is fast proving itself as a powerful online recruitment tool. But how much do you really know about Facebook? Heres some interesting facts to help convince you about the potentials of advertising your candidate positions on facebook…

  • 500 million users log into Facebook each day
    With an audience that big, it’s hard not to target a pool of potential candidates who are likely to fill your vacancies. Another great aspect of this fact is that this figure was a 48% increase from the previous year. Also, more astonishingly over 223 million of these are from Europe which is great news for UK recruiters and HR managers.
  • The people who use facebook are between the ages of 25-34
    This is the ideal age range for candidates who have graduated and gained a few years of much valued work experience in a relevant position, allowing them to further enhance their sector knowledge and skills.
  • Facebook users are… 47% male 53% female
    With quite a fair split of genders, you can obtain peace of mind that your facebook recruitment efforts will be seen by roughly the same amount of males and females.

Some other interesting facts about facebook:

  • The average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes per visit.
  • 80% of US  social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.
  • Ironically 8% of US companies have fired someone because of what they  have posted on social media.

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*The facts and charts used in this article have been extracted from the free hubspot report “47 handy facebook stats and charts” – you can read the full findings of the report here>

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