An overview of online CV generators

Getting a CV together can become quite a time consuming task, often requiring careful thought and planning to be sure that it is relevant and targeted towards the position you are applying for. Therefore, to help with your next online recruitment application we’ve put together a compilation of the best online CV generators along with their main advantages, which can help you quickly and easily construct and refine a CV in no time.


A nice looking site which allows you to create professional resumes in minutes for free.

CV template samples e.g. Executive, Elegant, Bold, Literature – If you’re in a rush these can be a real timesaver, however, don’t rely on them too heavily as they are generic looking and it may come across to a potential employer that you havn’t put much effort into your application.

User account and storage – A notable advantage of CVmaker is the fact that it allows you to create an account and save the progress of your CV for you to resume at a later date.


A super slick and easy site which allows you to create a professional CV in minutes!

Download in Word or PDF formats – Easily export your CV in in Microsoft Word format or publish as a PDF document.

Step-by-step expert help & example content – A real game winner of this site is the practical guidance, illustrations, keywords and power-phrases  it provides you throughout the entire process, making the process of crafting your CV a lot easier and painless.


With it simple steps and well designed layout this is the easiest site to use and get your CV up and running!

Simple steps – Broken down into an Introduction, Basics, Education, Jobs and Skills the site has no further distractions, allowing you to get to work with creating your CV quickly and easily.

Up and running in 5 minutes – Claiming to have the perfect CV generated in 5 minutes, can you afford not to give it a try?

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