Are graduates turning into job snobs?

There’s been a lot of online hype recently regarding graduates and their attitude towards work. In a recent interview with the BBC, recruitment expert Norman Rose claimed “Out of work graduates guilty of “job snobbery” by rejecting offers of work that they deem too menial”. He also added: “People think because they have a degree or a qualification they should not go for anything other than their line of expertise.”

His comments came as a reaction to newly released official figures from The Office for National Statistics (ONS). The figures reveal that unemployment in the younger generation is rising back towards one million, with unemployment amongst 16-24-year-olds growing by 15,000 to reach 973,000 in the last quarter.

Mr Rose’ comments sparked a great debate around the UK with arguments both for an against his opinion.

Arguments for his case include the fact that in the current economy and an intensely competitive UK jobs market, it’s far more beneficial to have a job for which you are overqualified than to have no job at all – at least you’ll earn some valuable experience which can help you get your foot in the door when applying for a different, more suited job.

Whilst in contrast, Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms, responded to the Mr Rose’ criticism by saying: “It’s not fair to accuse young people of job snobbery when youth unemployment is edging back towards a million. Many are desperate for a job, but government programmes are letting them down.”

What do you think? Are graduates being too fussy? Have you say below in the comments section…