2012 – Year of the placement!

Trying to find a job after leaving University is getting tougher and tougher as 1 in 5 graduates struggle to find a job. One of the most effective ways to gain employment is gaining some valuable industry experience.

Employers are finding that graduates who have taken a years industry placement have better employable skills compared to those who have spent a year travelling or those who have completed a straight degree course,

Business leaders are also increasingly favouring graduates who have completed a years industry placement over those who have no industry experience.

Placements allow you to get a step ahead on the graduate career ladder

Work placements are normally structured programmes or schemes where students spend an entire academic year working for an organisation as a full-time member of staff before returning to university for the final year.

This provides undergraduates with the opportunity to gain all-important work experience and employability skills before graduating. It can also give students a clearer idea about which career path to follow after university. These placements have a huge motivational effect on students and many companies view the placement as a year-long ‘interview’.

Many students make such an impression that they are offered a permanent job on graduation.

Graduates should seriously consider applying for placement opportunities to enhance their chances for future employment.

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