The Most Irritating Office Behaviours In The UK.

Ever had a colleague with working habits that rub you up the wrong way?

A UK wide survey carried out by a leading supplier of serviced office space across the UK, Flexioffices, to find out which behaviours displayed by workers in offices across the nation co-workers find the most irritating.

The results from 2,005 survey recipients are in, with revealing results:

Number 1: ‘The blame dodger’
The clear winner, with 17% of the vote, is: ‘The blame dodger’. This person will make a mistake and do everything in their power to deflect the blame. “Someone told me to do it” or “Well, you need to be clearer in how you communicate to me”. The nation are sick of it, ‘blame dodger’, it’s time to tidy up your act.

Number 2: Lateness
Turning up to work 30 minutes after everyone else, coming back from lunch late and still leaving on time at the end of the day – those who display this behaviour are second on the top ten list of most irritating office behaviours in the UK, with 15% of the vote.

Number 3: People who stick their nose into every discussion
Ever start a conversation with a colleague only for someone to stick their nose in and offer their own opinion on the matter, when their participation is not required? Annoying, right? With 14% of the vote the nation certainly thinks so.

Number 4: Power tripping
The power tripper enjoys shouting orders and avoiding talking to people like respected colleagues. They may even try to impose authority in a manner that wouldn’t look out of place in an army barracks. Unsurprisingly, ‘power tripping’ makes the top five of the most irritating office habits, with 12% of the vote.

Number 5: Poor listening
This is a behaviour whereby the person you’re talking to acts like they’re listening, letting you get all the way to the end of your sentence, only to say “sorry, what was that?”

As we spend most of our lives in a working environment with, mostly, the same people day in day, out it’s hardly surprising that over time, certain habits, can get on top of people.

It’s worth having a look at your own behaviour when in the office to make sure you don’t fall foul of any of the above, after all, nobody wants to the office gossip to be directed at them, do they?