Could Flat Fee Recruitment Benefit Your Business?

Flat Fee Recruitment – Is It Right for You? We do everything online now, from shopping for groceries, to banking and booking holidays. Recruiting the ideal candidate with our Flat Fee Recruitment Model is no different. The Job Market has changed drastically, and has consequently made way for more cost effective recruitment strategies. How Does […]

Job Searching with social media, the stats revealed

With the ever increasing prominence of social networking sites in our daily lives, brings along a spate of new methods of recruitment via social media. We recently stumbled across the very informative and lovely info-graphic put together by the team at which helps to highlight some of the facts they discovered over the past year […]

Tweets of the week, 13th May – 18th May

So here it is as promised…. part two in a new series of posts which aim to highlight lots of great and interesting content which we have discovered this week. Most of it will be of interest to recruitment managers and job candidates alike. Of course this is only a small collection of the stuff […]