Job Searching with social media, the stats revealed

With the ever increasing prominence of social networking sites in our daily lives, brings along a spate of new methods of recruitment via social media. We recently stumbled across the very informative and lovely info-graphic put together by the team at which helps to highlight some of the facts they discovered over the past year about job searching with social media.

What impressed us the most here in the office is the fact that, in the past year alone “14.4 million people have used social media to find a job”. Wow, we nearly fell of our chairs when we saw that one! This stat alone gives plenty of weight to the case that social media should be amongst any HR managers arsenal of recruitment tools.

As we use it daily for such purposes, we weren’t surprised to read that LinkedIn was the most popular social network for finding a job or likewise a candidate. Here at Net-Recuit we appreciate the powerful networking and candidate sourcing features it provides us with.

It’s also interesting to see that most of the figures appear to be on the rise from previous years. If this trend is to carry on then it’s safe to say that social media isn’t one to be neglected for your next recruitment campaign.

Enough teasers, read the stats for yourself below:

The rise of social recruitment

Here at Net-Recruit we appreciate the value of social networks in a recruitment campaign and ensure that along with posting your vacancy to the UK’s top job boards we also submit it to the most popular social networking sites including facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

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