Stand Up, Be Healthy

New research from the On Your Feet Britain campaign has revealed that office workers in the UK are risking their health by spending too much time sitting at their desks. A survey of 2,000 workers found that 45% of men and 37% women spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet at work – potentially contributing to a risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and poor mental health.

Paul Statham, CEO and MD of workspace utilisation leader Condeco Software, believes companies should break down traditional rigid office structures to make it easier for their staff to be active.

“Modern workers spend most of their day chained to their desk, and the structure of their workflow doesn’t often allow them to get around while still being productive. They should be able to get up and move around their building freely during the day, for example moving to go and work alongside colleagues instead of just emailing back and forth from their desks.

“Better access to collaborative and breakout spaces will help to encourage movement around the workplace, as well promoting a flexible and open work environment.  Technology might be the main cause of today’s sedentary working style, but it can also help to counter it. Workplace sensor technology for example can help business leaders to understand how various areas of their buildings are being used and help them to design an environment that promotes movement and flexibility.”