Online Recruitment Articles of the week | 8th-12th Oct 2012

Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening within the online recruitment industry this week.

Apprenticeships hit half million mark

New figures published by the government reveal that the number of people taking up apprenticeships has hit the half million mark, rising from 457,200 to 502,500 between 2011/12.

Why Social Media Was Meant for Recruitment Agencies

Social Media isn’t an option for recruitment agencies anymore; it’s a given. It was MEANT for the recruitment agency sector, because the centre-piece of it all is…people! We happen to have a lot to do with people. Miss that, and we may miss out altogether.”

Recruitment 5.0: The Future of Recruiting

An interesting insight into the current phase of the online recruitment industry which has been assigned the term ‘recruitment  5.0’. In short this new label of recruitment is all about… Personalization, self-sufficiency, predictability, big data, and back to basics.

Some of the defining features of Recruitment 5.0 include:

  • Mobile recruiting its starting to gain some momentum and becomes the dominant channel.
  • Recruiting gets back to basics and focuses on building relationships.
  • The cloud is becoming ever more important for candidate profiling
  • Data DNA: Companies draw data to profile candidates based on online habits and trends.
  • The demise of the traditional ATS, thanks to Technological developments.
  • Emerging markets emerge and dominate.
  • Augmented reality is playing a big part in recruiting marketing.

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