How A Glossop-Based Employment Agency Became People Pioneers

The stereotypical recruitment business is rarely a small, independent, family-run organisation, from a town like Glossop.

In fact, an employment agency in Glossop is just about the opposite of what you’d expect a pioneering recruitment firm to be – and yet that’s exactly what Pioneering People is.

Cornering a section of the market devoted to improving the recruitment process as a whole, our family organisation worked to prove that attention to detail delivers longer-lasting placements.

Here’s how we’re revolutionising the industry.

Custom-built solution

Pioneering People didn’t invent applicant tracking software (ATS). We actually rejected it, choosing to create something less off-the-shelf and more malleable to our clients. We figured that, by basing our solution on customer need as opposed to what’s convenient for us, we’d be offering a more valuable service. In came Pipe™.

Pipe™, our own ATS, sorts and manages campaigns in a way that’s tailored to any client’s approach. Our software will then filter applicants and store the CVs for your review. Progress can be viewed from your dashboard wherever and whenever.

We understand you want to monitor, track and augment your hiring strategy. That’s why Pipe™ is designed to be easy to use and immediately of benefit.

A human touch.

Candidates and clients are aware when they’re dealing with robots. Your recruitment automation software may well speed up your processes, but it can also leave people cold as a result. The fact is, machines can’t detect the nuances in human behaviour to truly decide who is a ‘good fit’.

Technology can’t totally replace people in recruitment. But if we don’t attempt to innovate the industry, we’ll forever have margins of error in placements. So, we combined the two. We employ experts to write your adverts so that they’re on brand and optimised for search.

Following that, we personally conduct any necessary telephone screenings and can review CVs to reduce as much admin as possible on your side.
Your idea of a quality candidate varies dramatically from that of another organisations – software cannot account for that. At Pioneering People, we can.

Combining tech and human ingenuity

The idea of Pioneering People stemmed from this integrated approach. However, it expanded far beyond that. As a family employment agency in Glossop, we were able to apply the ‘think local’ mindset (giving attention to minute details and building strong client relationships) to an industry that had lost its emphasis on people – in essence, bringing humanity to rec tech. It became a cultural movement.

At Pioneering People, it’s our belief that organisations should look to enhance their processes by integrating technology and human expertise. This allows businesses to appear more genuine in their efforts to recruit while keeping pace with tech innovations.

If you’d be interested in becoming a pioneering partner, get in touch now. Our team will be happy to walk you through the benefits of person-led technology and how it can help your business.