5 Recruitment Mistakes You Could Be Making

5 recruitment mistakes you could be making (and how to avoid them) In today’s job market, candidates hold more power than ever before. For recruiters, this means more pressure to impress job hunters and make the hire quickly and efficiently. But are you doing everything you possibly can to stand-out from the competition and recruit […]

Flat Fee Recruitment, What Is It?

Flat Fee Recruitment does exactly what it says on the tin; Outsourced Recruitment which is charged for as a basic upfront fee rather than as a percentage of salary for services rendered after an appointment has been made. The reason that many companies choose to go down this Flat Fee Recruitment route rather than using […]

The EU Referendum: Pros & Cons for UK Human Resources and Recruitment Industries

As arguments for and against Brexit are gaining pace ahead of the national EU Referendum on June 23rd 2016, consideration needs to be given to UK employers, the effect on them, and the knock on effect on UK Human Resources Departments and the Recruitment Industry. Whichever way the EU referendum goes, it will have consequences […]

Recruitment Trends to Come in 2016

The Christmas break is an important time for recruiters to review how they’ve done in the past year and to look forward to that all-important future. With employment levels rising and competition for jobs becoming slightly less drastic, standing out from the crowd is going to be the name of the game in 2016 with […]

5 ways to boost staff morale this Christmas

With parties to attend and extra shopping to taken care of, you can be forgiven for being busy during the next few weeks. However, if you’re responsible for looking after staff morale this festive season, it’s important not to neglect them and their feelings. Failing to do so can impact office morale and productivity, so […]

Top Reasons For HR Managers Not Getting Sleep

Being a HR Manager can be tough! Based on a recent survey of over 150 people, the infographic below helps to highlight some of the most common concerns keeping Human Resource Managers and Recruiters up at night. We hope that some of the stats may shock you enough to change your ways for the better. Via SilkRoad Pioneering People

A History of Human Resources

Believe it or not, the principles behind human resources can be traced right back to the prehistoric ages. It is thought that our ancestors developed processes for the selection of tribal leaders, and of course, passed knowledge on health, safety, hunting and gathering down through generations. A more advanced form of human resource management is […]