The 5 Things You Should Never Do In An Interview.

When an interview goes badly you just know it. From cringey to awkward to downright hostile we’ve all been locked in a room before that we just can’t wait to escape from. Hopefully you’ve never been in a situation as bad as some of these though. Take comfort in the fact that there is always […]

Online recruiter to candidate – ‘why should I hire you’?

Here’s a great little piece of online recruitment knowledge we’d like to share with you… Why should I hire you? – this is one of the most daunting questions you can be asked by a recruiter in an interview. How do you answer this? If you already know what the employer is looking for in […]

Make the most of your CV

Here at Net-Recruit we receive and read 100’s of candidate CVs every day. With the rise in online applications it is more important than ever to make sure your CV is the best that it can be, as this is your first opportunity to showcase yourself. The big issues that make us want to tear […]