Gather employee feedback with these free HR survey templates

A question mark made from jigsaw piecesGathering employee feedback (be they past, future or present) can often be a difficult task, but the benefits can be very rewarding to a business and it’s objectives.

Conducting surveys can be a great way to provide employees and human resource specialists with a means to express their opinions, in return you’ll get valuable feedback that will help you make important business decisions toward improving your recruitment campaigns and internal management.

Luckily for you the hard work has already been done for you, as the clever guys at Survey Monkey have created a series of free Human Resource Survey Templates which can be used on a free account or if your require the additional benefits a pro account too.

Here’s a round up of the most useful HR Survey templates:

Job Satisfaction Survey Template
Give  employees the chance to rate their work satisfaction in this quick and easy 14-question survey. Topics covered include stress levels, salary, and leadership.

Recruiting Satisfaction Survey Template
Gather one last bit of feedback from recent employees and interviewees about their experience during the recruitment process. A simple 10-question survey which focuses on recruiter responsiveness, professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness.

Manager Effectiveness Survey Template
Give the chance for employees to evaluate their individual managers in this 17-question survey which focuses on availability, constructive feedback, training, decision-making skills, and much more.

Department Performance Template
Take a look at the departmental structure of the company with this 14-question survey which delves into department professionalism, conflict management, communication, and much more in this 14-question survey.

And finally…

Employee Exit Template
Discover the reasons beyond an employee departure with this 21-question survey which asks about experiences with leadership, working environment, and team members.

A few things to remember

  1. Utilise Anonymity. If you want to gain the most insight, you’ll want to ensure employees that their feedback is completely safe.
  2. Follow the surveys up. When employees see that their opinions matter, they’ll be more likely to continue providing valuable feedback. Gather your employees together and give them a presentation to show what knowledge has been gained, and what’s being done with the survey results.
  3. Converse in Layman’s Terms. Avoid over using technical language and keep your employee survey questions light and casual otherwise participants may be reluctant to complete them.

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