3 Considerations To Make When Posting On UK Job Boards

If you’re looking for the best job boards UK-wide, first things first: know how to get the most from them. These platforms are useful in getting the ‘we are hiring’ message out there, but in order to get the applicants you’re seeking, you need more than that.


Job boards work by hosting the adverts of all available positions in any one marketplace. Candidates are then able to scroll through vacancies and easily see which roles are relevant to them, which aren’t, and who the featured companies are.


The reality is, it’s tough for businesses to make an impact on a job board. To differentiate yourself from the competition, here are three necessary considerations you need to make before posting on UK job boards.


  1. Pay for every relevant job board


You’re charged a fee to show and promote job ads on most platforms. Monster, Indeed and reed.co.uk are just a select few that require significant investment before your vacancy can be viewed by the right people.


However, missing any key job boards from your list will reduce the number of relevant applicants you receive. Simply put, the wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to reel in a strong candidate.


So, before starting your recruitment campaigns, ensure there’s enough budget to post, tweak and optimise ads on every relevant job board. 


  1. Prepare to sift through applications


Very few businesses have the internal staff available to manage ads on the UK’s best job boards. It’s simply not realistic to expect someone to constantly filter through applications from the moment they arrive in the office to the second they leave for the day – but it’s important if you want to ensure you get the best return on your investment.


Your head of recruitment or outsourced support will need to focus some of their efforts on interviews and onboarding procedures too. This time-intensive process usually means that unprepared businesses miss out on applicants to their competitors before they’ve even had the opportunity to speak with them.


When posting for roles that need immediate, high-calibre applicants, you’ll need to be sure that you’re actively manning the inbox of every job board.


  1. Optimise or be outpaced


It may be possible to support your hiring manager with members of your admin team, but when it comes to optimising job ads, you need a dedicated professional.


If you recognise that certain phrasing or other elements of a job ad are getting a better response, then someone needs to implement those changes immediately across each and every job board. 


This is your first interaction with a number of potential stakeholders, so you need to make a great impression with a single, coherent presence. The support of someone who can post job ads in a cohesive manner and custom-build each to the audience of specific job boards is crucial.


Let us help


Using people-led technology, Net-Recruit can help you do all of the above. Our team humanise your ads on the best UK job boards so that those genuinely suited to your role can find you. 


We lower your costs by bringing the entire job advertising process in-house. We’ll get to know your brand and communicate your objectives across all key job boards and aggregator sites. Finally, we’ll monitor and augment our applicant tracking system (ATS) so we’re able to enhance your recruitment strategy.


Interested? Get in touch. Our team will seamlessly integrate your branding into your hiring process, ensuring more relevant applicants, lower costs and a quicker turnaround.